The European Perspective on NATO

Marek Kopanicky – European Regional Content Writer

From the perspective of the ordinary European citizen, the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is just one out of many international organisations, aside from superficial knowledge gained from news or history lesson, it retains seemingly limited bearing on everyday life. The institution of the European Union, on the contrary, succeeded in being more tangible and closer to people in Europe, which is understandable, considering the relevance of its everyday activities and initiatives as well as extensive media coverage. However, the importance of the EU in economic and social affairs, is matched by NATO’s significance in the fields of defence and military cooperation. Needless to say, these fields are equally (if not even more) crucial for well-being and peaceful life of Europeans. However, NATO is currently beset by serious debates over its agenda and resolution of contested issues. This article aims to elaborate three matters which dominate the current debates among NATO’s European members, namely: defence financing, relation to Russia, and prospective new members.