Our Executive

Brodie McLaughlin


Brodie has completed a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne after completing his Bachelor and Honours of Arts (International Studies) at RMIT University. Brodie has a strong passion for investigating and exploring global issues, hoping to find new ways to tackle the world's most challenging problems. He has a particular interest in the areas of political reform, conflict resolution and global development. Brodie received the International Studies Award in 2019 from RMIT University for his work on revealing the state of international mining exploitation in the Congo, and its deleterious contribution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.


Brodie is excited to build YDS as the perfect platform to discuss fresh ideas and perspectives surrounding global issues, challenging various elements of the global system and status quo.

Kelly Phan

Vice President

Kelly is studying Law and Arts (Human Rights/International Relations) at Monash University. She has volunteered extensively for a range of non-profits, including Inner Melbourne Community Legal Centre and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, developing a passion for elevating the image of non-profits in the field of law and justice. Kelly studied at Leiden University for 6 months, specialising in EU law and policy. She now works as a podcast host and producer for The Good Morning Podcast and The Kindness Hub, as well as a Youth Development and Communications Officer at Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services.


Kelly is excited to build and elevate the brand image and platform of YDS to strengthen YDS' events, publications and podcast.

 Ryan Attard


Ryan is a fifth-year Law and Arts student, studying Politics and International Relations. He has received academic awards from the Monash University Faculty of Arts and has a keen interest in international politics, especially British-E.U. relations, American politics, and domestic politics. Ryan is deeply interested in public speaking and has participated in various Model UN conferences, attending NMUN-NY in March 2018 and WorldMUN in March 2019, winning an award for his position paper. He has also held various leadership positions, serving as President of the Monash International Affairs Society, Editor-In-Chief of Pivot, and Managing Editor of Lot's Wife. 


Ryan hopes to foster sustainable financial growth for YDS to encourage event, publication, podcast and project growth.

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Winston Twigg

Events Director

Winston is studying a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne specialising in international security. With an undergraduate degree in commerce and economics, he also works part time for a wealth consulting firm. With this background and keen interest in international affairs, Winston strongly believes that it is of great importance that young people have a firm understanding of development within international affairs. He is passionate about engagement with the community and building relationships with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Winston is excited to bring back face to face events throughout 2022, and wants to engage with a large audience of young people interested in international affairs.

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Deeksha Patil

Marketing and Communications Director

Deeksha is a Bachelor of Arts/Law student at Deakin University, currently majoring in International Relations and a minoring in Criminology. She is a current paralegal volunteer at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which stems from her combined interests of refugee rights and immigration law. She is also a current project officer at Generation Politics where she works to encourage and equip young people with the knowledge necessary to understand public policy and how it is made. 


Deeksha is excited to expand YDS' audience and reach so that it strengthens our events, publications and podcast portfolios and allows as many young people as possible to be involved with our organisation.

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Joshua Kaye

Podcast Director

Joshua currently works as a lawyer, having completed an Arts/Law degree with majors in human rights and journalism. He has received numerous awards and has competed in legal competitions across three continents. These experiences have developed his interest in leadership and policy. Joshua also has an undying passion for news and storytelling. He has worked at the ABC and intends to build a thriving career in journalism and the law.

Joshua is thrilled to unpack the news and big issues with the Global Questions team. He hopes to continue growing it into a dynamic and informative show – the go-to podcast for young people who want to know more about the world.

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Remy Marshall

Editor-In-Chief of Publications 

Remy is a law student at the University of Melbourne. With an undergraduate degree in creative writing, she believes in the power of storytelling to communicate world events and to incite action. She envisions the future of journalism as one that prioritises transparency, is resolution-focused, and values stand-point epistemology. She has a keen interest in international human rights law and is active in the space of gender activism, particularly consent education and law reform.

Remy is excited to develop and grow YDS's publications portfolio, from our Writers Group to Special Editions and our Year in Review.

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Michael Hester


Michael is by-day a federal public servant working in Governance, Ministerial and Parliamentary Services, and by evening a passionate advocate for youth engagement in civic affairs, parliamentary process and international trade. He has previously completed two graduate programs at both the State and Commonwealth level, after graduating valedictorian for his University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts studies with a focus on politics, economics and Chinese language. A New Columbo Plan alumni, he has studied abroad at Fudan University (China) and Hokkaido University (Japan). He also holds a Diploma in Mandarin and Graduate Certificate in Public Administration.


Michael is excited to be exploring how YDS can grow its membership offerings and ensuring that the organisation is delivering for its community.