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Michelle Lim


Michelle is a recent Bachelor of Global Studies graduate from Monash University, majoring in International Relations. She has a keen interest for Global Affairs and Politics, and hopes to continue further studies in the field of International Development. She is particularly interested in exploring the issues facing young people from around the world, and the policies that affect them the most. 

Connect with Michelle here. 

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Rachel Ann Cardozo


Rachel is currently studying a Bachelor of Science & Global Studies at Monash University, majoring in Geographical Science and International Relations. She has a strong interest in climate change politics and the international response to its global crisis potential. She is passionate about empowering other young people to become involved in creating positive solutions to global challenges.

Connect with Rachel here. 

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Zeinab Elsheekhly


Zeinab is a third year student at the Australian National University studying a double degree in law and international relations. She is also a paralegal at Legal Aid ACT. Zeinab is passionate in social justice and community education, particularly when it comes to both domestic as well as international issues.

Connect with Zeinab here. 

Strategy & Operations

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Lance Lee


Lance is currently completing his Bachelor of International Relations and Bachelor of Arts at the ANU, majoring in Anthropology. He is also presently a National Office intern with the Australian Institute of International Affairs. His key interests lie in the Central Indo-Pacific region and issues regarding human security. Beyond IR, he has project management and organisational change strategy experience from his time at KPMG and as a project officer for MARSS Australia Inc. 

Connect with Lance here. 


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Cameron Smith 


Cameron is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of the Australia-Pacific Youth Dialogue, Managing Editor of the Journal at World Affairs at UCLA , Councilmember of the US Embassy: Youth Advisory Council, and is currently working full-time for the Australian government. Cameron is passionate about promoting youth voices in international affairs and is keen to help empower and develop the next generation of writers in the space.

Connect with Cameron here. 


Isabella Baker


Isabella is a Dalyell scholar at the University of Sydney studying a Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Studies in Global and International Studies. She is interested in global affairs, national security and human rights with a particular focus on Australia’s relationship with China and the Indo-Pacific.

Connect with Isabella here. 


Eliza Wilson


Eliza is currently completing a Bachelor of Asian Studies at The Australian National University and is studying abroad at Kansai University, Osaka. Within her studies, she focuses on Asia-Pacific Security Studies, Gender Security and Japanese language studies.


Eliza is particularly interested in investigating international affairs through a gendered lens. Further, she focuses on intersectional studies such as gender security post-conflict, and gender issues that arise due to the impacts of climate change.

She wants to raise awareness of these issues and promote effective ways for Australia to respond.

Connect with Eliza here. 


Hayley Bedson


Hayley is a Juris Doctor law student at the University of Melbourne. Hayley’s interests lie in the areas of criminal and media law, particularly principles relating to freedom of speech and information, public interest law and legal protection of human rights, and their application to the media across the globe.

Connect with Hayley here. 


Iona Walton


Iona is excited to be joining YDS after completing an undergraduate in International Studies (Politics & Economics) and a Master in Bioethics. She is passionate about national and global health and how this is impacted by global political states and conflicts.

Connect with Iona here. 


Kate Langley


Kate Langley is a Masters of International Relations student at the University of Melbourne, with a specific focus on Asia-Australia relations. She is a passionate volunteer working in various roles for World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers, Amnesty International, Australia-Indonesia Youth Association, AIIA SA, YDS and various International NGO’s.

Connect with Kate here. 


Jack O'Donovan


Jack O'Donovan holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Studies from Federation University with First Class Honours in Politics from Deakin University. He currently works for the Victorian government as an information analyst, and has future study interests in law and democratic policymaking in Australia.

Connect with Jack here. 


Milena Marjanovic


Milena is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney, recently completing a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in International Relations. Alongside her studies, Milena is currently a Careers Officer at Young Australians in International Affairs, and a Programme Coordinator for the GIR Symposium since its foundation.

Connect with Milena here. 

Senior Correspondent_edited.jpg

Samuel Garrett


Samuel is completing a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies in Arabic and International Relations at the University of Sydney. He is an analyst with Geopolitical Futures and a historical research assistant in Anatomy & Histology at the University. He is especially interested in helping young people interested in international affairs to write about global issues.

Connect with Sam here. 


Nicolas Buitrago


Nícolas Buitrago holds a BA in International Studies and French from RMIT University. His interests in post-conflict reconciliation and migration movements were influenced by his passion for travel, photojournalism and participation in international development projects, focused on the complexities of creating an environment for sustainable peace in Bosnia and Colombia, and the displacement challenges facing tribal communities in India. Nicolas has further study interests in climate change policy and youth’s role in peacebuilding processes, particularly in countries emerging from conflict.

Connect with Nicolas here. 

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Declan Hourd


Declan holds a master of international relations where he graduated with excellence from UNSW in 2020. He is keenly interested in the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific. He was a correspondent for the Organisation of World Peace and contributed to its Crisis Index. As Regional Correspondent for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, he aims to shine a light on issues within, and surrounding the region.

Connect with Declan here. 


Dominique-Dee Jones


Dominique (she/her) is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, majoring in History and Politics/International Studies. Her main interests lie in soft power and geopolitics.

Connect with Dominique here. 


Shajara Khan


Shajara Khan graduated from UNSW with a Master of International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts (Korean Studies). During her master's, she worked on her dissertation analysing how ideology plays a major role in U.S. politics, which has led to the role of North American correspondent.

Connect with Shajara here. 


Patrick Hession


Patrick Hession is currently undertaking a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne, having completed an undergraduate degree with a double-major in Politics and Asian Studies. Patrick has a keen interest in Australia’s international affairs, particularly within the Asian region, and believes in the importance of promoting discussion around Australia’s responses to these events. 

Connect with Patrick here. 


Soni Porwal


Soni Porwal is a recent IR graduate working in Marketing and Business Development for a telecom conglomerate. She is passionate about sustainability and climate change. Inclines strongly to South Asian politics and security issues.

Connect with Soni here. 


Evangelia Wichmann


Nearing the end of her undergraduate degree in International Politics, French and Chinese, Evangelia is interested in global politics, languages and intercultural communication. Passionate about climate change, feminism, and humanitarian aid, Evangelia hopes to bring a unique perspective to reporting on Latin America for YDS.

Connect with Evangelia here. 


Dannica Batoon


Dannica Eirren Batoon is a Master of Strategic Communications Management student from Monash University in Australia. She served as a political science lecturer at a Philippine state university upon graduating with BA in Political Science at De La Salle University-Manila (Cum Laude).

Connect with Dannica here. 

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