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Brodie McLaughlin


Brodie is studying a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne after completing his Bachelor and Honours of Arts (International Studies) at RMIT University. Brodie has a strong passion for investigating and exploring global issues, hoping to find new ways to tackle the world's most challenging problems. He has a particular interest in the areas of political reform, conflict resolution and global development. Brodie received the International Studies Award in 2019 from RMIT University for his work on revealing the state of international mining exploitation in the Congo, and its deleterious contribution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis.


Brodie is excited to build YDS as the perfect platform to discuss fresh ideas and perspectives surrounding global issues, challenging various elements of the global system and status quo.

Isabella Currie

Vice-President (Operations)

Isabella is currently completing her Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University and will be undertaking her Honours year in 2021. Her research focuses on the use of political communication and the implications of digital technology and media on States. Isabella has experience in both the public and not for profit sector, with the majority of her work over the last five years dedicated to analysing and adapting the digital presence of organisations across the sector.


Isabella is enthusiastic about expanding the scope and potential of the Young Diplomats Society as a platform to connect and facilitate discussions about the future.

 Vivian Lai-Tran

Vice-President (Projects)

Vivian is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) / Arts (International Relations) at Monash University. Her passion and dedication for human rights advocacy recently led her to New York City where she interned at the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, opening an enlightening practical and international perspective.


Vivian hopes to draw on her previous experience as Secretary-General of the Victorian Model United Nations Conference 2018 to further empower and create opportunities for young people in her role as Vice-President of Projects.​ 

Mitchell McIntosh


Mitchell is currently studying a Juris Doctor at the Australian National University, having graduated in 2019 from Monash University with a double degree in a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in International Relations) and a Bachelor of Science. Mitchell has completed internships at the Sri Lankan Consulate General, the United Nations Association of Australia, and the Australian Institute of International Affairs. Mitchell is also currently the Canberra Branch Director of the Young Australians in International Affairs and Oceania Chair within the International Association for Political Science Students. In 2019, he also held the role of Treasurer for the Monash International Affairs Society.


Mitchell initially joined YDS as the Marketing and Communications Officer and is eager to build a community for those interested in careers within diplomacy and international relations.

 Ryan Attard


Ryan is a fifth-year Law and Arts student, studying Politics and International Relations. He has received academic awards from the Monash University Faculty of Arts and has a keen interest in international politics, especially British-E.U. relations, American politics, and domestic politics. Ryan is deeply interested in public speaking and has participated in various Model UN conferences, attending NMUN-NY in March 2018 and WorldMUN in March 2019, winning an award for his position paper. He has also held various leadership positions, serving as President of the Monash International Affairs Society, Editor-In-Chief of Pivot, and Managing Editor of Lot's Wife. 


Ryan hopes to foster sustainable financial growth for YDS to encourage event, publication, podcast and project growth.

Nathan Ball

Events Director

Nathan is passionate about international affairs, with a focus on governance, trade, and investment in Africa, Europe, and South East-Asia. He is currently completing a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne. Having worked in a variety of roles in the private sector, Nathan is currently employed in a dynamic position for the National Trust of Australia. As part of his honour’s year, Nathan researched Islamic State’s role in Syria and Europe by examining volunteer motivations and movements across the region.


Nathan is excited to develop and expand YDS's event offerings and is particularly passionate about facilitating opportunities for students to engage with international relations.

Kelly Phan

Marketing and Communications Director

Kelly is studying Law and Arts (Human Rights/International Relations) at Monash University. She has volunteered extensively for a range of non-profits, including Inner Melbourne Community Legal Centre and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, developing a passion for elevating the image of non-profits in the field of law and justice. Kelly studied at Leiden University for 6 months, specialising in EU law and policy. She now works as a podcast host and producer for The Good Morning Podcast and The Kindness Hub, as well as a Youth Development and Communications Officer at Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services.


Kelly is excited to build and elevate the brand image and platform of YDS to strengthen YDS' events, publications and podcast.

Genevieve Marcocci

Podcast Director

Genevieve graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics and Media. She is pursuing a Graduate Certificate of Public Policy at Monash University. Genevieve is interested in Australia’s political framing of public policy and its consistency with global governance standards. Her experience in marketing has transferred to create and strengthen Young Diplomat Society's podcast, Global Questions.

Emma Fabreguette

Sydney Director

Emma holds a Bachelors Degree in International Relations & Politics from UNSW and will be commencing her Honours in September 2020. She has a strong interest in security, languages, counter-terrorism and foreign affairs. Emma is a Youth Councillor for the United States Consulate in Sydney and a Public Affairs Advisor for the Zionist Council of NSW.


Along with facilitating events, Emma will produce podcast content for the YDS in Sydney, hoping to create a dialogue between experts, academics and professionals on relatable and interesting topics.

Victoria Cooper

Editor-In-Chief of Publications 

Victoria is currently studying Bachelor Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) and Bachelor Arts (American Studies) at the University of Sydney. As a Dalyell Scholar at Sydney Uni, Victoria received a sponsored New Colombo Grant to study in New Caledonia in 2019 and has since had a vested interest in the climate migration, food insecurity and sovereign statehood in the Pacific. Closer to home, Victoria has also worked as a community organiser and social policy researcher furthering interest in critical democratic theory and the politics of listening, which she intends to be the subject of her 2021 Honours thesis.


As editor-in-chief, Victoria wants young people to find their voice in public debate, and to create publications that showcase the talent of Australia's young 'diplomats'.

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