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Competitions by YDS

2023 Foreign Policy Case Competition

Following the success of our inaugural Foreign Policy Analysis Competition in 2020, we are excited to announce the return of this unmissable event!

The competition will put you in the shoes of a diplomat based in an Australian Embassy overseas, testing your ability to research, analyse and convey the complexity of an interesting global event.

With special guest judges, networking opportunities, and prizes up for grabs, this is a great chance to test yourself against other aspiring young diplomats.

Foreign Policy Analysis - The 2020 U.S. Election

Compete in the shoes of diplomats in charge of briefing your Foreign Minister on the latest political event or crisis.

Competitors will write analytical briefings from the perspective of a foreign diplomat based in Washington D.C. following the results of the 2020 U.S. Election. Your Foreign Minister is requesting an analytical report on how the result of the election will impact your country’s relations with the U.S. going forward.

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