About us

Young Diplomats Society is a globally-minded organisation which provides engagement, insight and analysis into international affairs and global governance.

We create opportunities for young people to access knowledge from diverse perspectives and to engage globally minded individuals inspired by international relations and global citizenship.


Global Questions episodes are 45 minute discussions with key actors in international affairs. We discuss latest issues in the world and career advice.


Our publications go beyond the news to provide insightful analysis of global developments. Written and researched by young people to offer our perspectives.


Our events allow our guests to hear from distinguished and engaging speakers and provide a platform for people to ask questions and network with other global citizens.

Our Values

Quality & Objectivity

We aim to provide objective, independent analysis to disseminate ideas in a transparent and open way that is of the highest quality possible.


We believe knowledge should be accessible to all, and that every member of the global society should be able to have their say and contribute in a meaningful and valuable way.

Diversity & Inclusion

Great knowledge comes through diversity of perspective. Finding solutions to the world's challenges requires engagement with all members of the community, at home and abroad.

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