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Ziyan Tejani

Ziyan is studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Social Science (Politics) at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. He works as the Operations Officer at the Menzies Research Centre.

He has professional experience at numerous non-profit organisations including United Nations Youth, Young Australians in International Affairs, Amnesty International, the Australia-China Youth Association and Students for Liberty.

He is also active in student politics, leading numerous University Clubs and serving as a Student Representative. He regularly participates in intervarsity debating and writes for numerous University publications.

Ziyan is particularly interested in issues pertaining to Australia’s national security.

You can find him here: 

Central Asia and South Asia

Samuel Garrett

Samuel Garrett is The Young Diplomats Society’s Regional Correspondent for South and Central Asia, and a student of Arabic and International Relations at the University of Sydney.

East Asia

Chloe Marriott

Chloe Marriott is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and a Bachelor of Global Studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and has engaged in study abroad programs at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) and Monash University  Malaysia. Her primary areas of study include human rights and international law. She has experience working for NGOs in various areas of human rights law including abolition of the death penalty and refugee and asylum seeker resettlement. Chloe holds a strong interest in the contemporary economic and political rise of East Asia, the future of global leadership and the cultural and historical complexities of the region.


Eliza Archer

Eliza graduated from a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne, majoring in Politics and History, and completed a Double Master’s in European Governance at Masaryk University (Czech Republic) and Utrecht University (Netherlands) in 2019. During this time Eliza interned at NewsMavens, a pan-European news organisation that aimed to combat misinformation and sexist content in the European media. Upon graduation, Eliza pursued a traineeship at the Delegation of the European Union in New Zealand.

Eliza is interested in the role of gender in politics and international relations and particularly in the increasing implementation of Feminist Foreign Policy across the globe.

Latin America

Dylan Gaymer

Dylan Gaymer graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Politics & Spanish). He volunteered at NGOs throughout Latin America during university and currently works as a commercial lawyer.

Middle East and North Africa

Elle Greaves

Elle Greaves graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Justice (Criminology & Policing) from QUT and currently the Middle East & North Africa Correspondent and an Editor for Young Diplomats Society. She is admitted as a lawyer in Queensland and has studied abroad in India, Japan and the US where she furthered her interests in counter-terrorism, religious extremism, modern weapons and international law. During her undergraduate studies, Elle also attended two United Nations conferences and received a New Colombo Plan Scholarship to study in India. You can reach Elle here.

New Zealand and the Pacific

Declan Hourd

Declan Hourd is a Master of International Relations graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in Asian Studies and Economics, both earned at the University of New South Wales. He has a keen interest in Indo-Pacific and how the many diverse countries of the region navigate challenges of climate change, economy, geopolitics, and security. Declan has contributed to the Organisation for World Peace, reporting on various conflicts and foreign policy trends. 

As the Regional Correspondent for New Zealand and Pacific Islands, he aims to explore Australia’s near abroad to deliver analysis on regional trends that are emerging and longstanding.

You can find Declan Hourd on LinkedIn

North America

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a recent Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduate majoring in History and International Relations. He regularly contributes to several publications both in Australia and the United States, in which he is a dual-citizen. Currently, he is working at the Parliament of Australia, interning at the Australian Institute of International Affairs and co-founding and acting as Chief Operations Officer of the Australia-Pacific Youth Dialogue. He has a strong interest in US foreign policy, international security and the role of North America in the world.

Southeast Asia

Iain D. Johnson

Iain D. Johnson is a MEXT scholar undertaking his MA at Waseda University’s Graduate School of Political Science with a focus in Indo-Pacific regional affairs. He holds a BA in International Relations & Politics from Monash University where he has worked as a researcher and teaching associate since graduating with honours.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Ezekiel Dobelsky

Ezekiel completed his Master of International Relations from the University of Melbourne in 2020, to go with his undergraduate double degree of Arts & Economics from Monash University. He previously interned at EcoPeace Middle East, a regional NGO focused on environmental peacebuilding in Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He is currently an editorial assistant at E-IR, and teaches chess on the side.