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Angela Merkel’s Legacy as Europe’s Iron Chancellor

[Faseeha Hashmi]

Having presided as Germany‘s Chancellor since 2005, few and far between can argue that Angela Merkel has left a lasting impact on Europe. She has sealed her legacy as the European Union‘s longest-serving incumbent head of government through her leadership in forging a common European identity, while her foreign policy achievements have cemented her status as Europe’s leading figure – both central and essential to the EU’s continuing stability and prosperity.

Merkel, known affectionately as “Mutti” (Mummy) by her admirers, is often described as the de facto leader of the EU – with Times magazine having lionised her as the most powerful woman leading the Free World. Having topped the Forbes’ list of 100 most powerful women in the world for eight years running, Merkel has repeatedly shattered the proverbial glass ceiling.