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IN-DEPTH: What is the significance of South Korea-Australia Relations? W/ Thomas Corben

Thomas is a Lloyd & Lilian Vasey Fellow at Pacific Forum, a tutor in foreign policy at UNSW and completed his honours in 2017 focusing on International Relations & Asia Studies, specialising in Japan and Korea. Thomas spent two years working on US Asia Policy at the United States Studies Centre while publishing articles with The Diplomat and had a six-month residency as the Indo-Pacific Fellow for Young Australians in International Affairs.

In this episode, Emma and Tom discuss:

  • Tom's current research on South Korea-Australia relations and how the global pandemic can be leveraged to further cooperation

  • Tom’s professional background, giving us insight and tips about stepping out from university into working in a think tank, writing articles for online publications and getting his first internship.

  • Why is the development of Australia-South Korea defence cooperation important?

  • Why should Australia be interested in the Korean Peninsula?

  • What is Australia's current Korea Policy?

  • How can their bilateral relationship be deepened and what benefits would they bring?

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