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IN-DEPTH: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict W/ Ronald Zweig

Ronald Zweig is the Taub Chair of Israel Studies at NYU and director of the Taub Centre for Israel Studies. He obtained his PhD in Modern History from the University of Cambridge, England (1978).  In 1977-1978 he was the Junior Fellow in Modern History at the Oxford University Center for Hebrew Studies, after which he joined the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

In this episode, Emma and Zweig discuss:

  • Is the conflict founded on just religious grounds?

  • Is there a path to peace?

  • How has COVID-19 affected the relationship between the Israeli and Palestinian community?

Zweig has published three books: Britain and Palestine during the Second World War; German Reparations and the Jewish World: a History of the Claims Conference; and The Gold Train as well as many scholarly articles.

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