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In-Depth: Ama Burkoh & Nayonika Bhattacharya

What is the BLM movement? What is systematic racism? What is America's history that concerns African Americans? How can we see this is Australia? What is a good ally? What is white privilege? How can you support the movement?

  • Ama Berkoh is a 20-year-old African Australian, born in Ghana and raised in Australia, who is passionate about all things tech and fighting to ensure products and services are inclusive for everyone specifically those that are black and to make sure that everyone can see themselves in the many products and services we use on a day to day basis. Soon to graduate from her Bachelors of Communication (Public Communication + Digital and Social Media), she is wanting to take actionable steps towards achieving inclusion and diversity for many underrepresented communities and to champion change.

  • Nayonika is a 4th year Arts/Law student at UNSW. She is passionate about creating platforms for young women in tech and reforming the law to make it more accessible. She is a City of Sydney ISLA Ambassador, MHAHS International Student Advisor, Executive Assistant to the CISA Education Officer and the UNSW Student Council Welfare Officer.

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