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  • Who can write an article for YDS?
    Whether you are a student, graduate or industry professional, so long as you have a genuine interest in contributing to discussions relating to international affairs you can submit a request to write for YDS. There are no restrictions on who can write an article for YDS.
  • What can I write about?
    The great thing about international relations is it's so broad you can write about almost anything you have a passion for. Whether its international relations, environment, business or trade and economics, as long as your area of interest relates back to international affairs you can submit a request.
  • Where does the money from ticket sales go?
    Young Diplomats is a not-for-profit organisation. All staff volunteer their time. Money collected from event ticket sales are used to cover the costs associated with organising the event including venue hire, speaker fees, catering and advertising.
  • How can I get involved with YDS?
    The easiest way to get involved is to contribute via an article which you can submit via the 'write for us' page on our website. Attending one of our many events is also a great way to get involved with our team and meet new people and industry professionals. Alternatively, writer and executive positions do come up from time to time. To stay up to date on future events and positions with YDS, subscribe to our website and like our Facebook page.
  • What kind of events does YDS hold?
    At YDS, we endeavour to put together engaging events that will be of value to everyone. We work hard to secure expert and engaging speakers across a range of topics and event formats such as lectures, round tables, panels, debates, workshops and networking events. Visit the "Upcoming Events" page to view what we have in store for future events.
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