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IN-DEPTH: What is populism and is it destroying democracy? W/ Anastasia Kapetas & Brandon Wu

The rise of populism in recent years has provoked profound questions around the viability of existing democratic systems and the future of developing democracies. This week we have two insightful guests to discuss the rise of populism and how it is influencing democracy around the world.

First up, Rhiannon chats to Anastasia Kapetas, the National Security Editor at The Strategist from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, about the history of populism, its rise throughout politics and politicians in the United States, the impact of faux-populism and if there is any hope for democracy internationally.

Then, we welcome Brandon Wu, a political activist from the United States, who chats to Rhiannon about Trump-style populism and its influence on democratic processes and institutions in the US in today's society.

If you want to get in touch you can reach Anastasia via her email - You can also touch base with Brandon via his email -

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