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Australia’s largest youth foreign affairs magazine is out for 2023

The youth movement is providing a new and fresh voice on global affairs. Read it here.

Australia’s largest youth foreign affairs magazine, The Year In Review, has been launched for 2023. Published by the independent and youth-led NGO, the Young Diplomats Society, the fifth edition of the magazine continues its tradition of platforming underrepresented voices in foreign affairs. By creating a publication by young people, for young people, on issues young people care about, YDS hopes to provide readers with a fresh perspective all while supporting emerging young writers.

"The events of the past year have shown us that young people care about the world, that we want to learn more, and that we have unique perspectives that deserve to be heard," says YDS President, Cassius Hynam.

This year's edition of the magazine explores global insecurity in the physical, environmental, geostrategic and cyber spheres. Editor-in-Chief, Shantelle O’Riordan, believes the four pillars best capture the range of ways insecurity has impacted us in 2023. "We know that young people are increasingly anxious about the state of the world. We hope our publication can inform and energise our readers to approach 2024 with a newfound understanding and activism."

YDS was pleased to celebrate the publication’s release with the Hon. Peter Khalil, Member for Wills and Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, who delivered the keynote address at the launch event in Melbourne. Following his address, YDS’ Writers discussed their work and their take on all that unfolded in 2023 through an interesting panel discussion.



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